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mockup of pure artistry on macbook pro

She is an emerging artist with a passion all things dogs, a beautiful reason to paint and a firm determiniation to have her work known.

Angela reached out to us to help her create her online presence to increase her reach and engagement, as well as, share her story and passion for rescue and miracle dogs.

We wanted to make a website that encouraged people to stay and discover all the work that she had made, by creating a book-like environment for easy reading and an enjoyable browsing experience.

Lead Time
Work In Progress
Individuals interested in the arts and dogs.
Website Goals
Showcase paintings and reach a bigger audience
UX Research, UX Design, Web Development, SEO
Mobile view of Angela Contrera's website


- UX Research
- Custom Web Design
- CMS driven website


Angela's featured work consists of paintings of rescue dogs with stories to go along with them. We wanted to make sure that the website encouraged people to read these stories, find out the thought behind each painting and have an immersive experience discovering more.

Overview of Angela's website.


We conducted competitive analysis to pinpoint what other painters were doing and realized many of them focused on just showcasing their work, not necessarily sharing the story behind it.

We focused on making the website easily readable through the selections of colors and fonts primarily. Easy to read sans-serif fonts with a light beige background reduces eye strain which allows for a comfortable browsing experience.

The result was a website that had a vintage-feel, was easy to read and a delight to browse through.

Angela's Homepage.

Angela Contreras is an amazing artist and we can't wait to showcase her website when it's done. Please check back for any updates here!