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Based in Anaheim, California, Dollface Permanent Makeup is a local business that specializes in permanent makeup services. Dollface Permanent Makeup has been rapidly growing, largely due to the highly ambitious owner, who envisions Dollface Permanent Makeup to become a key influencer within the beauty industry.

Dollface Permanent Makeup reached out to us in the hopes of helping her create a website that not only would take the stress out of manual booking, but create a platform that allowed her clients to become knowledgeable in her services and discover more of her offerings.

The goal was to create a navigational experience that was clear and easily understood as well as create an environment that was clean and minimalist to reduce distractions.

Lead Time
3 months
Mostly women between 25-35 years old
Website Goals
Simplify booking process and increase client knowledge
UX Research, UX Design, Web Development, SEO
Overview of Dollface desktop site.


- Custom Web Design
- CMS driven website
- App Integration


Between balancing client contracts, legal paperwork, and invoices, booking clients manually is hard enough. Dollface exponentially grew in the past year, and manual booking not only was just a hassle but an enormous project every day. We integrated a booking system into the site that accepts client agreement to terms and creates an appointment online. Paperwork is now completely digital and easily retrievable.

Over view of Dollface mobile site.


To design Dollface PMU's website, we focused on the problems that similar websites had in their navigation system. To discover solutions, research was conducted by using interviews, screenings, and sketched possible user journies so that we could empathize with Dollface's clients.

We capitalized on Dollface's minimalist branding and created a website that used white-space to help users easily organize information, read the text, and enjoy the experience of the website.

The result was a website that was clean, crisp, and simple that enabled users to quickly find any information without struggle or hassle.

Dollface homepage.

Dollface Permanent Makeup operates in a competitive beauty industry and while the business is growing, she needed a way to not only have a web presence to increase her reach but also a convenient way to book her customers without having to file through paperwork. Check out their site at dollfacepmu.com.

desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.