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Based in Alameda, California, Lush Eye Bar is a local business that specializes in eyelash extension services but also provides permanent makeup solutions, tattoo removal and waxing. Lush Eye Bar needed a way to educate their customers before they walked in the door and secure clients in an easy and convenient way online.

Lush Eye Bar connected with us to begin a project to help her business increase her reach, engagement and secure clients online. She had a website with Wix that wasn't garnering much success, she wanted to completely rebrand her business and launch with a revamped website.

We focused on redesigning the brand to have a feminine and elegant feeling. The website needed to capture the same experience and present easy to use navigation to encourage browsing and encourage the reading of site information such as policies and before and aftercare procedures.

Lead Time
5 months
Lashes & Beauty
Mostly women between 25-35 years old
Website Goals
Allow for online booking and simple navigation
UX Research, UX Design, Web Development, SEO
Isometric view of Lush Eye Bar's website.


- Custom Web Design
- Clean and Simple Navigation System
- App Integration


"Short and Simple" was the key phrase while working on Lush Eye Bar's website. We found through surveys that many people felt that long pages of text ruined the browsing experience and was a key factor of whether they would book or not. We focused on keeping descriptions minimal but informative, and kept heavy text pages such as polices and aftercare procedures hidden until the customer determined to book. This allowed customers to focus on the content at hand without feeling overwhelmed and exhausted heaps of information.

Lush Eye Bar's home and services page on iphone screen.


We started by creating a logo to have some direction for the website. The logo needed to have an air feminity and calm beauty, so we opted for a typography only logo that utilized a sans-serif font and a caligraphy style font for contrast. The caligraphy had a muted grey-pink for the color which allowed for the website to keep a simple color scheme of black, white and grey.

We researched heavily on how to make the navigation system make sense and encourage readers to read without causing fatigue.

The result was a website that was short, simple, feminine and beautiful that brought a new identity to Lush Eye Bar, educated their customers and secured bookings.

large view of Lush Eye Bar's homepage

Lush Eye Bar went through a complete revamp of their brand identity, and now with a more clear direction, is positioned to grow and make a big impression in the lash industry. Check out their website at lusheyebar.com.

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