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mockup of Miason De Beaute's website on a macbook pro

Based in Pasadena, California, Maison De Beauté is a local business that creates mesmerizing nail art but also extends its services to wedding planning and permanent makeup. They have captured a large following with their amazing nail art, precise work and boundless creativity.

Maison De Beauté was our instagram giveaway winner and was offered a static, informational website.

The brand was already going through a redesign and our goal was to elevate their redesign in the form of a website.

Lead Time
Work In Progress
Nails, Beauty, Event Planning
Mostly women between 25-35 years old
Website Goals
Elevate redesigned brand
UX Research, UX Design, Web Development
desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.


- UX Research
- Custom Web Design


Originally, the brand represented itself as playful and girly but has since been redesigned to show luxury and class. We focused on creating a website that captured those two keywords to create the impression of a designer brand service.

desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.


We did a heavy amount of direct and indirect competitive research to not only find out what people wanted to see in a nail art website but to discover what luxury brands were doing to showcase their brand identity.

A heavy focus on color palette and font research allowed us to formulate a webpage that personified luxury and class.

The result was a website that was clean, luxurious and lavish that perfectly complimented the work the brand was doing.

desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.

Maison De Beauté has incredibly talented artists ready to give your nails a beautiful makeover. We will share their website here when it's ready and live.