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mockup of pure artistry on macbook pro

Lynne is a bubbly, bright, and warming person who rocks a great smile and she happens to be the owner of Pure Artistry By Lynne, a makeup and wedding planner business, local to Southern California.

We reached out to her to see if we could redesign her website and capture more of who she is, what she's about, and what kinds of services she brings.

Pure Artistry had an old design already live that was barebones and didn't have the personality Lynne had. The goal was to create a website that matched her bright personality and warm-hearted services while modernizing and improving the flow of the website.

Lead Time
1 month
Makeup and Event Planning
Couples Interested in Formal Events
Website Goals
Modernize, improve flow and give the website personality
UX Research, UX Design
desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.


- UX Research and Design
- Custom Web Design


The original website design Pure Artistry had was very simple, so simple that it dulled the website and made the browsing experience lackluster. We aimed to improve the website's aesthetic by putting in colors, contrasting fonts, and shadows to provide some depth to the design. The colors changed the entire vibe of the website and brightened up the entire browsing experience.

desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.


We had a few keywords to help aid the design process: bright, warm, and welcoming. We used colors to not only brighten the entire space but also used it to create an environment that was comfortable and not overbearing, while also having a feminine touch.

We also used our client to create a user persona, so that we could grab onto her personality and showcase it. The colors, the shadows, and the card-like design all contributed to a bubbly design.

The website ended up being bubbly, warm, and full of character, much like Lynne herself. It made discovering her services an enjoyable and pleasant experience that would encourage users to book.

desk setup with macbook, glasses, mouse and cell phone.

Pure Artistry By Lynne is owned by a fantastic individual, but she needed a website design that also represented who she was and her brand properly. The design is completed and all that's left for her is to have someone make it (hopefully, it's us!) .